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Coming Soon: Shadows of Valor

The next book in the Star Portal Universe, Shadows of Valor, will release 28 October. Shadows of Valor follows the story of those left behind on Century near the end of Valor’s Stand.

Left Behind.

Ashiri Takenata has crashed upon the surface of Century, in the final minutes of the defense of the system from invasion.  Alexander Karmazin is trapped in an underground prison cell while the renegade militia abandoned him.  Their planet has been conquered by the alien Culmor Empire.  

They have no means to fight back.  The enemy can bombard or gas the planet at any time, with any provocation.  The smart thing to do would be to give up.  To make the best of things, to try and rebuild, and to fall into line.

Ashiri doesn’t have it in her to give up.  She has already seen one world fall to conquest and rebuilt her life.  Alexander Karmazin, a child of two worlds, isn’t about to let either disappear under a conqueror’s boot.

The pair of them will figure out how to fight back.  They will get the word out to Century’s remaining defenders that there is still hope.  They will find a way to get help from Admiral Armstrong, and if that doesn’t work, they will free their planet themselves.

Because sometimes valor has to fight from the shadows.