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Books To Read

Just a short post today, as I’m actually starting my first day of work at my new day job (working three jobs again, oh boy).  There are some books that came out recently that I wanted to share here.


Sarah Hoyt has an interesting ebook, So Little and So Light.  Sarah has a way of crafting fun, interesting stories that can leave you thinking for weeks.  I highly recommend it.  https://amzn.to/2NzORmL


Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey have a new 4HU novel out.  If you are a fan of MilSF, give the book (and their universe) a look.  https://amzn.to/2LgebSf

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

CoSine 2015

Just a quick update.  I’ll be at CoSine 2015 in Colorado Springs this coming weekend.  The convention will be held at the Hotel Elegante and it runs 23-25 January.  There’s a lot going on for a relatively small convention, so if you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

I’m excited for this convention because it has a good guest line-up and it looks like I’ll be on several interesting panels.  Friday night I’ll be on Applying Modern Morals to Speculative Fiction with Connie Willis, Saturday at 1 pm I’ll be on Repercussions of Magic with Sarah Hoyt followed by Female Characters in F&SF at  4pm, and then Sunday at 2pm I’ll be on Research for Fiction Writers.   I think they’ll all be fun panels.

I’ll also be at the author signing on Saturday from around 5pm to 7pm both to sign books and if anyone wants to get paperback copies, I’ll have a few extra on me.