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Coming Soon: The Freeport Mutineers

I’m excited to announce that coming out on January 23rd, I’ll have a new short story available from Amazon, titled The Freeport Mutineers.  The Freeport Mutineers is a short story set in the Eoriel Saga universe, just after Admiral Hennings has seized the town of Freeport.

Young Midshipman Wachter is about to face the rope.
Troubled by the rumors spread throughout the Southern Fleet, the young officer turned to the Marines and Sailors under his command… yet he and they were betrayed, arrested, and convicted of mutiny, all under the orders of the ambitious Lord Admiral Hennings.
Faced with the prospect of not only his own death, but that of the men under his command, Wachter must somehow find a way to do the right thing.  Yet there is little hope with he and his men jailed, weaponless, and condemned, while the town of Freeport lies under martial law and the threat of dark sorcery.
Only one course lays open to him, to break his oaths and to swear allegiance to the cause of another, to become exactly what his enemies have accused him of being: a mutineer.