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Kal’s May 2018 Forecast

Here’s an update on what I’ve got going on for the rest of May.

First off, Valor’s Duty, the third Children of Valor book, will be out on the 18th!  I love writing these books and the feedback from my readers tells me you like them, too.

I’m working on a submission for a publisher, one of the first I’ve actually pitched a concept and gone forward with instead of writing and submitting.  It brings an interesting set of challenges and I may write a blog post about that, if there’s interest.

I’ve yet to see Avengers: Infinity War.  Mostly because I was in Germany for work and I didn’t want to see it without my wife.  I’ll have a review post up soon(ish), once I get a chance to see it.  I’ve also got a stack of books I want to read and review.

If you’re a writer and you want to see how a slush submission works for real, I’ve volunteered one of my manuscripts for the Baen Live Slush reading, happening on 16 May, it should feature at either their 10 AM or 2 PM session and  I’ll post a link after it’s completed.  Here is a link to their channel:  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjV7Nn4-bkB48wDjtobIuPQ)

Next month I plan to release another book.   Stay tuned for snippets and other updates, and thanks everyone for reading!


Kal’s March 2017 Forecast

March is here… wow.  It’s kind of a shock to say that.  I’ve been busy.  Really, really busy.  Between work, and moving (did I mention I was moving?  Yeah, I’m moving, surprise!), writing, editing, and raising a very active two-and-a-half-year-old… yeah, 2017 is flying by.

I’m mostly done with Ghost Star, the sixth book of the Shadow Space Chronicles.  However, with the sort-of-unexpected move, it’s going to be delayed, unfortunately.  I hope to publish it in May, which is further out than I’d like, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get it completely done, edited, and sent out to beta readers before the end of the month.

In other news, I’m hoping that the move will increase my writing productivity, with (hopefully) an hour less of my day spent in traffic.  I’ve also done the rough outline for the third book of the Fenris/Rising Wolf series.  I’d planned to write it this month, but I’ll fit it in somewhere.

After that, I’m going to write the second book of my YA series: Valor’s Children.  The first book is going to be a big release in June and I’m planning on doing a release party at Liberty Con.  My goal for the series is to have most of the books written so that I can stage their release over a few months.

I’ve also been bitten by the zombie bug.  No details for readers or an expected publication date just yet, but I’ve got around twenty thousand words of <title redacted> written, which is just over a quarter of the book.  Considering I wrote all of that in just three days, it tells you that I’m excited about it.

In other news, I’ll be doing some revisions to the mailing list.  I hope to have those revisions done after I move.  There’s been a delay in the newsletter as a result, but it should be up in April and going full-steam in May.

Kal’s June 2016 Forecast

Wait… where did May go?

The good news I guess is that I’m elbow deep in The Sacred Stars and I hope to have it out to my alpha readers soon.  The fourth book of the Shadow Space Chronicles will continue the military science fiction series as we delve a bit into the Ghornath and just what has been going on with them.  Its a step back from the massive battles of the last book, but with plenty of desperate odds, exploding space ships, treachery, romance, and everyone’s favorite pair of engineers.

I’ve got the final cover for Fate of the Tyrant, and I’ll be pushing that as well as the blurb out here soon, also starting snippets as I lead up to the release later this month.

As I said last week, I’ve been sick so I’ve fallen a bit behind on my writing schedule.  I hope to get caught up this month, which means putting lots of words to page.  My next project is an urban fantasy work, which I’ll be submitting to publishers (if that doesn’t work, I’ll self publish, but either way, it’ll be a while before it sees the light of day).

I hope to have it done by the end of the month or early July at the latest.  My next project after that is the third Renegades book.  I’ll be adopting a more standard novel format for that one, so it’ll have a more linear reading style rather than the collection of short stories and novellas like the previous two books.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!