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Renegades Origins T-Shirts

Renegades: Origins Anubus shirt.  Get yours today!
Renegades: Origins Anubus shirt. Get yours today!

Hi, everyone.  Another quick post, because this month is a busy one for me.  I’m announcing that I’ll be releasing Renegades: Origins themed T-shirts.  Starting off with everyone’s favorite furry psychopath: Anubus.  Each shirt is made from premium gray cotton and features a quote from the character, in this case, Anubus.  I’m very much looking for feedback on these, so if you want artwork, logos, or a quote from a favorite character, let me know!

For now, the only way to get one is to directly contact me (PM on Facebook is preferred), although I’ll also bring a few to conventions I’ll be attending (right now, that’s Liberty Con and Dragon Con later this year).  I have a small number to gauge interest, sizes  S, M, L, and XL (I can order larger sizes, other colors, and female cuts, but it will take me a bit longer to get those to you).   Anubus’s shirt is featured to the side, so check it out, and if you want one, once again, message me on FB!