Colonel Michael Frost

Colonel Michael Frost: Michael Frost served in the Guard Marine Corps for over thirty years.  Guard Intelligence sealed his official military record after he defected to the terrorist organization known as Guard Free Now.

Little is known about his personal life prior to that transition.  Public record shows that he was married and had two children and that he was born in the Trafalgar system.  Little else can be found about him, save for the records of his family’s deaths in 285 GD.

After joining Guard Free Now, Frost experienced a rapid rise through their ranks.  The organization primarily operated as guerilla fighters, striking from the shadows with bombs and assassinations.  With his expertise, they opened a new action arm which conducted limited military operations against the Guard.

His final promotion to “Colonel” came when he led a team to seize a Guard Fleet monitoring station in orbit over the prison planet of Thornhell.  He and his team managed to seize the station, jam planetary communications and sensors, and escape.  This attack enabled a planetary uprising which took five years of fighting to quell.  It should be noted that he and his team left none of the station’s thirty military and civilian crew alive after they withdrew.

Since that time, Colonel Frost has been the primary action commander for Guard Free Now in the Harlequin Sector.  It is suspected that he is behind a recent partnership with the terrorist organization and several pirate gangs, which provide crews and ships to the group which has, until now, been limited to mostly planet-side operations.


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