Agent Adam Mueller

Agent Adam Mueller: Born and raised in the Greater Teuton system, Adam Mueller is the third child of the wealthy Gerrard Mueller, a politician and military law consultant.  After graduating from the Greater Teuton  Military Academy, Adam Mueller went Guard Fleet, where he served five years as an intelligence officer.  His last assignment was in the Sepaso Sector where he had a run in with the Admiral Vernita Kidd, who reprimanded him for arrogance and disrespect to a senior officer.

He transferred over to Guard Intelligence some time after that.  He’s taken part in a number of Guard Intelligence operations, all of which have been classified.  His (necessarily) vague evaluations have commended him for his dedication and intelligence.

It is not known how much he speaks with his family, although a shrewd observer might note that his brother’s and sister’s fortunes have risen as has his father’s political clout since he joined Guard Intelligence.

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