Free Fiction

Free Short Fiction

The following short fiction is available for free.

Runner:  Runner is a short story set in the universe of The Renegades.  Runner is an origin story for Run, a Chxor character from the Renegades series.  Run is in an interesting predicament, an experiment has gone wrong, and he is under investigation by the Chxor Empire.  Unfortunately for him, he just can’t seem to make them understand his point of view.  I wrote this one as something of a character study.  It is difficult to write from the perspective of someone so alien, but I think it worked out all right.
Renegades Series Media
Below are some news articles from around human space. These articles are written to provide further background to those who read the novella series Renegades. The Renegades series begins in July of 2397.

Centauri Times January 24, 2397

Tau Ceti Liberty Sun 7 February 2397

Chxor Data Feed 1 July 2397

All images are open source and are taken from I do not have any rights to the photos and do not claim to have taken them or have ownership of them.

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