Star Portal Universe

“Ships have a soul, and when you’re one with your ship, you can hear that soul speak to you… that’s when you fight your best, when your soul and that of your ship are in sync.”

The Rising Wolf Series

Fenris Unchained by Kal Spriggs
Fenris Unchained by Kal Spriggs
Odin’s Eye by Kal Spriggs

Set in the Star Portal universe, the Rising Wolf series follows the adventures of Melanie Armstrong and the AI Warship Fenris.

Children of Valor Series

Children of Valor is about Jiden Armstrong, a young woman who attends the Century Military Academy.  A Young Adult science fiction series, Children of Valor is fast-paced, character-driven, and my pitch line is that it is like a combination of Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers.

Valor’s Child by Kal Spriggs

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