Dragon Con 2015 In Review

I’m now back from Dragon Con (it takes some of us more time than others) and boy was it a great time.  For those of you who don’t know, Dragon Con is the big convention in Atlanta.  It’s a unique experience, far more friendly an atmosphere than you might think for the size of it (they hit 70,000 attendees this year I’m told).


My first panel at Dragon Con was a Military Science Fiction panel on Saturday evening, which I got to be on with John Ringo, Michael Z. Williamson, David Afsharirad, and Jack Campbell.  It was an excellent panel and we covered a lot of great topics, including: writing military SF with no military background (most of us as panelists had to admit that we couldn’t),  differences between American SF (which has a lot of Mil SF) and other cultures SF, how we tie our readers to our characters, and quite a few more.

First Contact Improv

I was also on an evening panel with Larry Correa and Keith DeCandido: First Contact Improv.  That was… an interesting one.  Cross ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’ with Star Trek and you sort of get the idea.  I think the panel actually improved when we discovered that the hairless alien lolcats secreted hallucenigens from their skin…

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to Facebook, but all in all it was a phenomenal experience that I can’t wait to have again next year.


Kal’s September 2015 Forecast

September is another busy month for me, though there seems to be a lot of that going around.  Today I’m at Dragon Con in Atlanta, I’ll be enjoying the sights as well as participating in the convention.  If you see me wandering about, feel free to stop me and talk.  I’d love to hear what you have to say about my writing or even just talk about Dragon Con.

For the rest of the month I’m finishing off the final edits for the sequel to Fenris Unchained, finishing the final chapters on the currently titled Valor’s Child, a young adult science fiction novel.  I like to think of it as a cross between Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers, and I’m hoping people will enjoy reading it when it comes out.  This month, subscribers to my newsletter will get a sneak peak at it as well as Fenris Unchained’s sequel (Currently titled Odin’s Eye).  Sign up for the newsletter today to be a part of that!

Other than that, I’ve already finished outlining Fate of the Tyrant and as soon as I finish work on Valor’s Child, I’m going to get started on it.  I should be able to get a good section of that done by the end of the month, with a goal of having it published in December.

Don’t forget, I’m running deals this weekend for my ebooks.  The Fallen Race is only $2.99, Look to the Stars is free, and Echo of the High Kings is on a countdown deal, $0.99 today and steadily increasing in price for the rest of the weekend.


See Kal at Dragon Con

Exciting news, I’ll be attending and participating in Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’ve confirmed that I’ll be on a Military Science Fiction panel at 5:30 PM on Saturday (location to be determined) and I may be participating in other panels as well.  I’ll have copies of my books on me, too, so if you’re there, you can get signed copies of my books.  This’ll be my seventh year at Dragon Con and my first time as a participant, so I’m very excited.

In honor of Dragon Con, I’m also putting a couple of my works on sale for the weekend.  The Fallen Race will be priced at $2.99 for the weekend (also discounted in the UK, Canada, and the EU).   My short story, Look to the Stars, will be available for free all weekend.  And I’m doing a Kindle Countdown deal for Echo of the High Kings, starting at just $0.99 on Friday, September 4th and going back to full price by Monday, September 6th.

This is your chance to pick up all of these for discounted prices.  If you already have copies of those books, spread the word to people who might be interested.  I’m trying to fund my Dragon Con trip off this sale (or at least defray the cost a bit), so the more people you tell, the better!